Work from home; for some people it is a dream and for other it is a nightmare. How to create your office, so it would be functional and comfortable at the same time.

The most important is where to put your desk. I recommend to put in front of the window to be able to use the most of natural light. You will need a blind or a lace curtain, so the sun won´t bother you. This is how we resolved that problem in north of Madrid.

The desk has to be big enough to be able to fit your computer, reading lamp, papers A4, visiting cards, office accessories like pens, pencils, stapler, post it and so on… Don´t forget to put some decoration like paperweight, vase with flowers or family photo. What kind of desk should you choose? There are many options to choose from. One of them would be an elegant walnut table with chest drawers and designed handles; another – desk made of glass so it won´t occupy visually much space and it looks really light; white wood table made of board and two supports; corner desk big enough to have space for the printer.

Great Home office should have some sort of shelving to be able to organize all the archives, books, testers. There are many types, I recommend custom shelves to be able to use well each and every spot and not to have to clean the dust from the top;-)

Don´t forget to get yourself a little couch or an armchair to have some time to relax, to think or just to read a book in your free time. What could be better than Imola armchair and feet rest. This is how we designed Home Office with walnut library for Executive in Salamanca district in the center of Madrid.

What makes space cozy and comfortable are the plants. They give us some life and green color makes us calm, gives us peace and relaxes us. Remember that you should use interior plants, that they won´t need much sun. Nowadays, they are in fashion banana plant and monster plant. If you don´t remember to water the plants, you can always get some cactus.

In this project we designed a bedroom for a teenager. It was necessary to put some desk and we used wooden, white desk with natural wood legs and Eames chair in the same style. We make it a little bit funny with paperweight jellyfish and art piece – turquoise, ceramic iguana. It looks clean and full of natural light thanks to lace curtains.

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